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Tricia Davis, DPT/Coach

Welcome to KillerCoach Academy! I’m Tricia Davis, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), and I am passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their optimal physical well-being and performance. With a deep commitment to helping people unlock their potential, I have dedicated my career to merging the worlds of physical therapy and coaching.

My journey in the realm of health and wellness continues daily and doesn’t end with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. This educational foundation provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the human body’s mechanics, rehabilitation techniques, and the power of movement. As a lifelong learner, I continually stay at the forefront of industry developments to offer you the most innovative and effective strategies.

What sets me apart is my holistic approach to coaching. At KillerCoach Academy, I don’t just focus on the physical aspect of training – I believe in nurturing the mind-body connection. I firmly believe that sustainable success comes from aligning physical training with mental resilience. Whether you’re striving for athletic excellence, recovering from an injury, or simply aiming to enhance your quality of life, I am here to guide you on your unique journey.

With years of experience working with diverse individuals, from professional athletes to weekend warriors, I understand that every person’s goals and challenges are unique. My coaching philosophy is centered on creating personalized, adaptable plans that cater to your individual needs. I am not just your coach; I am your partner in growth and transformation.

Beyond my professional accolades, I am a firm advocate for fostering a supportive and inclusive community. I believe that a positive environment enhances growth and helps us reach our true potential. Through KillerCoach Academy, you’re not just joining a coaching program – you’re becoming a part of a like-minded community that uplifts and motivates each other.

Thank you for considering KillerCoach Academy as your path to reaching new heights in your physical and mental well-being. I look forward to being a part of your journey and helping you become the best version of yourself.

To your health and success,

Tricia Davis, DPT

Founder, KillerCoach Academy

Tricia’s Interest/Work/Certifications:

  • USAC L2 Certified Coach
  • USAC Athlete Development Pathway Coach
  • Cynisca Team Soigneur
  • ROXO Racing Soigneur- UCI Pro Continental Women’s Cycling Team
  • Owner of FIZEEOH  Physical Therapy
  • BSCPT from McGill University and DPT from University of Montana
  • Triathlon: sprint, olympic, half ironman, full ironman, Xterra (Favorite races include: team triathlon with my sisters,  Xterra World Championships in Maui, Xterra Nationals in Ogden, Ironman Canada and Ironman St.George)
  • Mountain biking: cross country, 50/100 milers, 12/24 hour racing, multi-day stage races (Favorite mountain bike races include: BC Bike Race, Breckenridge Epic, Single Track 6, Moab Rocks, Shenandoah Mountain 100, TransRockies.)
  • Other events: duathlon, road racing, cyclocross, trail/5/10K, half marathon and full marathon running races, open water swim races, SUP racing.
  • Also enjoys: hanging out with her husband Chad and BOB (the DOG,) hammock time, hot tubs, traveling, cooking, crafting, stand up paddle boarding, totem pole selfies and encouraging people to try new things
  • In her past life: snowboarding, telemark skiing, rock and ice climbing, skijoring, ski-touring and winter camping
Three Steps for Success




  • to learn about being a healthier, fitter, faster and more well rounded athlete.
  • Check out some of the posts on our blog or videos to start.



  • to a plan. Stay tuned for more plans and courses!
  • Start where you are, NOW! This is the only body you have.



  • by being consistent and making relentless progress over time.  
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Being an effective athlete is more than working out and training. Here you will learn important recovery techniques, injury prevention and illness mitigation strategies as well as ways to use your mind, breath and neuromuscular systems to be a sustainable athlete for life! This “stuff” is necessary for balance in life as well as superior performance.

Use your limited time effectively now, so you won’t wast time later. Build a strong, long, resilient and tough body, mind and heart with us!