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Looking Forward to 2023- Decide, Commit, Do IT!

2023 is coming in HOT. It’s our favorite time of year. It’s DREAMING SEASON!! I guess some call it the offseason?

Whether you are an all star, pro, weekend warrior or athlete wanna be – we know you are unique. So are we. Realizing that coaching and motivation is our JOB, we’ve decided to give you some homework.

Setting your sights on BIG GOALS (events, races) is EXCITING and SCARY all at the same time. It’s what we do here at Killer Coach, and we’ve been doing it for more than 10 years with many many athletes. Some of the past big goals for our coaches and athletes include:

  • BC Bike Race
  • Cape Epic
  • Iditabike
  • Colorado Trail Race
  • Iceman Cometh Challenge
  • Single Track 6
  • Moab Rocks
  • Arizona Trail Race
  • Xterra World Championships
  • Ironman AZ, STG, CAN…
  • Insert your dream HERE!

What’s Your Big Goal?

You don’t have to be a pro or even consider yourself an athlete to compete. Heck you don’t even have to compete with anyone other than yourself. Maybe you just want to finish an event, or do better than you’ve done in past years? The question is – “What really get’s you MOTIVATED?” Without this it’s never gonna happen. The bigger the goal, the more motivation you’re going to need.

Relentless Progress Only takes 3 Things:

DECIDING, COMMITMENT AND EXECUTION (DO IT!) Sounds easy enough right? Well here we break it down for you. Just follow the steps and with the right goals, mindset, plan and execution who knows what will be in store for 2024 or 2025!!? Keep building on previous years successes and learning from the set backs. This will help you grow not only as an athlete but as a human. Imagine what the people around you will think?

If They Can DO IT….

Then so can you. Have a look at your friends, family, co-workers. Anyone done anything cool lately? I’ll bet you don’t need to look very far for motivation. My sisters and I did a TRIATHLON this past summer, my athletes have battled injuries (head injuries, sore body parts and are overcoming illness and surgeries their doctors told them would be life changing) so what are you gonna do this year?

First Step- Decide

Next Step- Commit

Last Step- DO IT!

The sky is the limit!

Tricia Davis, DPT

With over 25 years of experience as a physical therapist Coach Tricia, DPT is over the revolving door of injuries and illness that are preventable. Through her work, she realizes that bodies do not come with an instruction manual and it's difficult to navigate health care as an athlete. Working in sick-care (the exact opposite of healthcare!) with injured athletes and non-athletes alike our founder Coach Tricia, DPT is inspired to lead the revolution of health engineering. By teaching people how to prevent injury and illness NOW, many days, weeks and months of healthy living can be protected. Coach Tricia is well-armed and inspired to keep athletes pushing their boundaries without setbacks.

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