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Crushing your Goals with a Training Plan

Trying to accomplish something without a plan is a surefire way to fail. Having a training plan for your next event is key. Arguably, a training plan is the most important part of the whole endeavour. Setting out on a big goal is a lot easier when you break it down into chunks and tackle each part on its own.

Setting Goals:

The hardest part of any plan is trying to decide what to do. That sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s true. Choosing a goal and committing to it with a plan is the hardest step. What exactly do you want to do?

-win a race

-lose weight

-beat your buddy?

These are all NOT sustainable goals. Choosing a motivating, measurable goal and a bit harder than you can currently imagine would be a great example. Having someone choose a goal, event, or race for you is also not a great idea. The goal needs to get you excited and a little concerned that it might be hard. 

Perhaps a better goal would be to drop 10 lbs to increase your Power:Weight ratio and PR a race course you’ve ridden last year. That goal is measurable, motivating and a stretch from where you are now. As a side you most likely will beat your buddy, win a race and lose weight in the process! See how that all works out!

We Love it When a Training Plan Comes Together!

QOM baby

All good plans take lots of time and effort to realize. 

Systematic analysis of where you are now and where you need to be will help to lay out a road map for your destination of success. What are the requirements for your event/race? How long, how much climbing and how many days in a row will you need to be at the top of your game. What is currently sustainable for you and your riding/training? What motivates you to get out the door in the morning and get your workout in?

Getting lost is a real concern if you don’t have a plan. Being flexible and having a coach in your corner to lay out a plan and hold you accountable is invaluable.

Knowing what to do if/when life throws you a curveball is often the tipping point between quitting and crushing your goal.

Training Plans are for Everyone, not just PRO's

Even if you don’t consider yourself an athlete or have a race goal in mind, a training plan is a great way to keep motivation high, stay organized and save time for other things in life. Knowing exactly what you have coming up in the week ahead allows you to plan the week around the most important things. 

Choosing a good goal will focus your efforts and provide lazer focus for your training. Hard days, long days, intervals, recovery rides, core training, stretching and flexibility work are all important parts of improving.

With the explosion of technology, it has never been easier to build a good plan and monitor your progress. Smartwatches, GPS, power meters and apps are all there for your benefit. You just need to start where you are and not get distracted from your goals.

Wake up each day with a plan to reach your goals. 
Then go out there and crush it!
Life’s too short, so stop not training! 

Coach Tricia's Training Plan:

Dream, decide and do. Then be sure to share your dream goals with others.

I’ll be heading back to British Columbia this September to participate in the Single Track 6 Mountain Bike Stage race with friends. It has kept me on track with my training as you can see on my Training Peaks Plan. Crushing my plan makes me feel like a bit of a superhero, even if I never make a podium, I feel like I am already winning. 

Stay tuned to learn more about my training plan and how the whole trip plays out.

Tricia Davis, DPT

With over 25 years of experience as a physical therapist Coach Tricia, DPT is over the revolving door of injuries and illness that are preventable. Through her work, she realizes that bodies do not come with an instruction manual and it's difficult to navigate health care as an athlete. Working in sick-care (the exact opposite of healthcare!) with injured athletes and non-athletes alike our founder Coach Tricia, DPT is inspired to lead the revolution of health engineering. By teaching people how to prevent injury and illness NOW, many days, weeks and months of healthy living can be protected. Coach Tricia is well-armed and inspired to keep athletes pushing their boundaries without setbacks.

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