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Welcome to Killer Coach Academy

We’re Just Getting Started!

We have been very busy getting the new website up and functional at Killer Coach Academy. Thanks to Chad, at things are looking pretty darned great! If you haven’t had a chance to look around yet, head on over and check it out. Let us know what you think.

You might be wondering, hey what’s happening with Killer Coach? Coach Tricia is still coaching 1:1 clients for cycling, running and triathlon training, but now offering all of the BONUS material in a much different format.

Now you can pick and choose to add performance-enhancing “STUFF” to your regular training or get a course on some super ninja stuff like mental training and breath-work to supplement your current fitness routines.

During the pandemic Coach Tricia went back to school and received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy advanced degree online from the University of Montana. The combo of online education proliferation and advancements in virtual healthcare delivery is opening up all kinds of opportunities moving forward. Working 100% on the things that matter is our focus.

Health, fitness, wellness, sustainability, friends, family, education, fun and community is what matters.

Cool stuff that is coming soon:

  • stretching, flexibility and mobility work
  • strength, coordination, core and balance workouts and plans
  • mental training techniques
  • breath training for optimal performance
  • foundations of proper running with training plans
  • skills training for efficiency on the bike

There will be video instructions, online courses and classes and even live zoom workshops to get into at the new Killer Coach Academy!

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Let us know what you are looking forward to by contacting us.

Progress over perfection.

Tricia Davis, DPT

With over 25 years of experience as a physical therapist Coach Tricia, DPT is over the revolving door of injuries and illness that are preventable. Through her work, she realizes that bodies do not come with an instruction manual and it's difficult to navigate health care as an athlete. Working in sick-care (the exact opposite of healthcare!) with injured athletes and non-athletes alike our founder Coach Tricia, DPT is inspired to lead the revolution of health engineering. By teaching people how to prevent injury and illness NOW, many days, weeks and months of healthy living can be protected. Coach Tricia is well-armed and inspired to keep athletes pushing their boundaries without setbacks.

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